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N-Not to be sappy or anything! It just helps that they’re not completely useless and that they’re good in bed. And maybe if they have muscles.

Don’t mind him. He’s just repaying his debt for shooting up the stadium seats. He won’t be singin’ for a while.

My birthday’s comin’ up in a while, too.

My gimps are like my goons, pretty much. Like those guys always whining about their spleens or whatever the hell. Pretty simple.

Yeah, they’re into BDSM as much as I am, but I don’t have a fetish. A fetish is pretty much what you need to get off all the time, and you can’t get off without it, y’know? A kink’s more like it. Just something you like that helps you along some times.

Anyway, I hope that helps or whatever.

((sorry for the inactivity! school had kept me busy. i’ll have a question or two up in the following week. (maybe thsi weekend.)))

And if you think throwing cold water on me in the middle of October is going to get me eager to do so, you’ve got another fuckin’ thing coming!

Whether it’s the “no marriage” thing, or just fucking whoever consents and just doin’ it ‘cause it feels good, I’m all for it, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. 

Besides, I don’t really think it’s too much of a thing in this day and age, unless you’re just sayin’ it’s a person who fucks whoever and doesn’t wanna get married. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure a lot of assassin guys are like that.

Simple process.

I mean, I could go into detail, but that’s way personal, son. Plus, that’s other question material. (Hint: Other things you can ask.)

((back from vacation and doing old asks i have left. ask box is open, though, so go ahead and ask away!))

There’s a lot to choose from. I guess I just don’t know what, myself.